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De Sedo Sofa
De Sedo Sofa

Sofas - those large, comfy pieces of furniture that welcome you with open arms after a hard day's work. Fluffy cushions, soft springs and gently rounded arms all offer their unconditional support as you settle down to watch the evenings programs and unwind.

According to the ancient Chinese principles of Feng Shui, a sofa should form the core of a living room or lounge area. The right sofa can last a lifetime and selecting it should be a carefully thought out process. Essentials that should be taken into account when selecting a sofa include the size of the room a sofa is to be placed in, the general existing décor in a house and the structure of the sofa itself.

The best place to begin is with the overall size and design of a sofa. That contemporary, three-seater sofa may look spectacular but if you are pressed for space then there is no point in even giving it a second glance. Measure your room carefully and then consult a sofa manufacturer who will be able to advise you on the options most suited to your needs.

These days, the majority of professional sofa manufacturers employ design specialists and interior decorators who are trained to assist clients with design and fabric selection.

Sofa designs can typically be separated into two styles- traditional sofas and contemporary sofas. Traditional sofas such tend to incorporate gently rounded camel back designs with carved feet and arms. Polished wood and beautifully woven upholstery make up the classic, traditional designs that naturally exude an air of elegance and sophistication. By contrast, modern, contemporary sofa designers tend to favor angular designs that incorporate new age materials such as steel and polished leather. When deciding on the style of your sofa, consider the overall feel and décor of your home. That elegantly carved Victorian sofa may look exquisite, but would it really compliment that frosted glass table and leather arm chair?

Sectional, l-shaped and corner sofas have all become increasingly popular in recent years. This popularity can be explained by the fact that these styles are both more versatile and space efficient than other models. Sectional sofas can be broken up into small components to fit around existing furniture, while corner sofas take advantage of space that would otherwise remain empty. If you are looking at a sectional sofa, consider a model that also features removable arms. This will give you maximum flexibility by enabling you to convert the sofa into an ottoman or chaise should you desire a change at any point.

If you are looking to breathe new life into an old sofa, consider purchasing a slip sofa cover or sofa throw. Sofa throws are incredibly versatile and allow you to change the feel of a room in an instant. What's more, they won't cost you an arm and a leg or force you to make any drastic, permanent changes that you may later regret.


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