Motorized Window Awnings

Installation, benefits & considerations

Motorized Window Awnings

Motorized window awnings are a safe, economical and valuable addition to any home. Placed over the windows, motorized awnings allow you to instantly reduce or increase the amount of sunlight you allow into your house, lowering interior temperatures as much as 10 to 15 degrees. Not only does this reduce your climate control costs, but it helps protect your family from harmful overexposure to sunlight.

Available in a multitude of colors, styles and sizes, motorized window awnings open and close via manual or motorized controls. At the touch of a button you can retract the awning fully to let sunlight into your home or extend it ever so slightly to keep temperatures down.

Motorized retractable window awnings are typically ordered from a company that will then customize and professionally install the awnings to verify that they are a perfect fit. The shades are self-storing; when not in use as they retract back under a small valance hood affixed to the side of your house. Homeowners may remove the hood in winter or at times when the shade is not used for extended periods of time. They may also leave it attached; the choice is up to them.

If you're interested in ordering and purchasing motorized window awnings, here are some terms to keep in mind:

Frame finish is the material the frame is made of; frames are typically constructed out of powder coated polyester.

Awning width range represents the width of the awning as it reaches across the window.

Projection range means how far the awning extends outwards from the house. Residential window awning sizes typically vary from two feet to five feet though deck and commercial options are much larger.

Frame color options mean the chosen color of the frame. Customers can custom order the frame to match the color as their home, which helps the frame blend in.

Mounting options discuss how the awning is affixed to the house, usually via a torsion bar (the 'backbone' of the structure) wall attachment, though they may also be attached to the roof to allow for further projection.

Arm construction informs the customer as to what the arms supporting the awning are made of. Single cable arms are the strongest (as compared to double cable arms) and riveted and bonded aluminum is the most common material.

Mode of operation is the manner in which the awning operates. Motorized retractable window awnings are the most expensive choice and take only 20 seconds to fully open and close. Manual hand cranking is less pricy but takes up to two minutes to fully operate.

Fabric is the material the awning is made out of. Acrylic is the preferred choice over vinyl, which can warp and stretch after some time in the sun. Customers choose from a wide range of colors and patterns when ordering their window awnings (some companies offer over 2,000 different choices).

Warranty most motorized awnings should come with at least a one to five year warranty because they can not only be expensive to purchase but to also fix.

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