Cellular Shades - A Versatile and Durable Option

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Cellular shades

Homeowners looking for shades that are guaranteed to help insulate their windows should consider installing a set of cellular shades. Uniquely designed in an 'energy efficient' honeycomb pattern, these interior 'cells' trap air to provide sound control and insulate windows against hot and cold temperatures.

Attached and housed at the top of the window in an aluminum headrail, the shades are typically controlled by a pulley cord system. Cellular shades appear as smooth panels of fabric when they are closed over the window, then gather up on the pulley cords to fold neatly as they are raised in a manner similar to that of an accordion.

The clean, simple appearance of these shades makes them popular for every room in the house as they keep windows looking neat ant tidy. Available in every fabric, material and color from corduroy to linen, cellular shades can be found in the window departments of most major home decorating stores.

If you prefer to allow a little more sunlight into your home, choose shades in a light-filtering fabric. Larger celled shades provide the appropriate insulation needed for bigger windows while smaller cells provide more ample insulation. A rule of thumb to keep in mind is that the greater the number of cells in the shade, the higher the insulating quality.

Not only are they versatile and durable, but cellular shades can be customized with a number of features:

Available in single shade and double shade thicknesses, depending on the amount of insulation you need, dual shades work well in deeply recessed windows and double-layer doors.

Reverse order shades lower downwards rather than pulling upwards to gather like an accordion at the bottom of the window. This style works well for windows set too close to the ceiling, leaving them with little wall space at the top.

Light blocking shades (also called blackout shades) are lined or coated with a layer of vinyl or thin metal to afford that extra bit of light protection.

Cordless shades operate without a pulley cord system by responding to touch, making them safe for households with young children or pets. Just gently tug the shade's bottom edge to raise and lower.

Continuous cord shades use a loop of pulley cord to control the shade, eliminating dangling pulley cords.

Electric remote controls are used to open and close shades that are otherwise hard to reach; simply plug them into a standard 110 volt wall outlet. This method is great for the trademark second-story windows of open 'great rooms.'

Wireless control raises and lowers shades with a battery-powered remote control, eliminating the need to be in the same room as the shade. Remotes work within a distance of 50 feet, making wireless control a good solution for tall floor-to-ceiling windows.

Skylight shades use side channels and fixed rails to secure the shade to the skylight where it runs along a controlled track. These shades are operated manually with a long adjustable pole, wireless remote or wired electric remote.





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