Outdoor Awnings - Types and Benefits

Outdoor Awnings and Canvas Canopies

Outdoor awnings
Installing an awning or canopy on your property can effectively add an extra room to your house without adding the corresponding building costs. With an outdoor awning installed, an area once perhaps unused for half the year due to the weather can be used day in, day out. An awning lets you outsmart the elements; no longer are your entertainment or leisure plans reliant on sunshine or fair weather. If a shower threatens or the sun beats down too strongly, an awning will give you the protection you need.

Choosing a material that is light in color will help reduce the heat absorbed by the awning. The American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning claims that installing an outdoor awning can reduce the heat in a room by up to 75%. Reducing the temperature inside your house will help reduce your air-conditioning costs and cutting out direct sunlight will protect your furniture and carpets from fading. This makes awnings excellent additions to conservatories.

Awnings and blinds offer weather solutions all year

Trying to sit under a typical patio umbrella when it's raining always results in a sleeve or trouser leg getting wet. A large canvas awning can be up to 10x20ft, which will allow many people to fit comfortably underneath and stay completely dry. Fitting an awning also means your patio and garden furniture will be protected from rain damaged, and your washing can be left out to dry even when there is the threat of showers. Though most manufacturers produce it as standard, don't forget to check your fabric is 100% waterproof. It's also a good idea to check the fabric blocks harmful UV rays.

There are two main types of awning, motorized and manual.

A manual awning is basically a giant patio umbrella. They are easily erected and have vertical supports that hold them in place. Although they don't take long to set up, they are still not as convenient as motorized winow awnings that can be extended or retracted at the touch of a button. Retractable canvas awnings can be quickly closed when they are threatened by extreme weather like strong winds and heavy snow, which will protect them from damage. Fixed awnings or umbrellas can break or be ripped in such conditions. Retractable awnings are the most popular but manual awnings will still give you good control over your external environment. Whether you fancy sitting in the sun or relaxing in the shade, an awning of some sort will see it is so.


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