Rug Pads - Protect your Flooring & your Family

Why you need a rug pad

Rug Pads
Rug pads are a great way of holding your rug in place. This is not only important for the look of a room, with everything staying in its right place, but having a rug that does not move underfoot is also extremely important in terms of safety.

Rug pads should be used to keep your rug in position on all kinds of hard flooring, from exposed wooden flooring to tiles and linoleum. Not only will the non-slip pads help to protect you and your family from slipping on the rug and injuring yourselves, but they will also help to protect the rug itself. Having a smooth surface underneath the carpet will reduce the amount of friction and abrasions that your rug must endure. A rug pad will also help to protect your flooring too.

Look for non-slip rug pads that guarantee against color transfer from pad to floor – the last thing you want is to move your rug to find that the pad had been discoloring your precious floor the whole time. Whilst it is advisable to match a rug pad to the size of your carpet, this is not always possible especially when padding unusually shaped rugs and custom-made sizes. For this reason we suggest you look for rug pads that can be cut to the size of your rug.










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