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Jute Rugs

Jute rugs are similar to sisal rugs in look, design and in their superb versatility. The only real difference is that jute area rugs are made from jute fibers grown in warm, humid climates like China and India, and sisal rugs are made from sisal fiber native to Central America and the Southern-most states of the US.

You may be surprised to learn that jute is one of the most highly produced natural materials in the world. In fact, it is only second to the production of cotton with over 10 million bales of raw cotton being milled each year in the United States alone.

Jute rugs are inexpensive but can help you achieve a lovely, contemporary feel within your home. They tend to be brown or beige in color with a soft, shiny ‘sack-like’ texture. Because jute is naturally a smooth fabric, it is advisable to put down a rug pad or some form of underlay first, especially on tiled or slippery wooden flooring. Many manufacturers combine the jute fibers with other textiles like linen and wool to achieve a more durable product. Whilst this will help strengthen the rug from general wear and tear, it will also make it much more porous so is not recommended for outdoor use or in the kitchen or bathroom.










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