Cheap Rugs - Money Saving Alternatives

Cheap alternatives: Shag, Sisal, flokati and Oriental

Cheap rugs

Buying a cheap rug does not mean you have to settle for a poorly-made, unattractive piece of carpet. Today’s rug manufacturing industry is so well-advanced in terms of its technology, that it is now possible to mass produce the most beautiful of rugs, making them even cheaper for you to buy.

If you know the type of rug that you are looking for, it is possible to save money by buying second hand. If you prefer to buy new, look for rug wholesalers or buy directly from the manufacturer at their showrooms and factory stores. Some rug makers will sell near-perfect rugs that are not deemed suitable for general sale at significantly discounted prices. Often it is almost impossible to see why the rug has been classed as ‘faulty’, and only those who work with the rugs every day will be able to spot the fault.

Certain types of rug are priced more cheaply than others. For instance, you will be much more likely to find a modern mass-produced shag rug for under $100 than a rare 200 year old antique Oriental rug!

Natural fiber rugs like sisal and seagrass rugs are great if you are looking for a seriously cheap rug. They are easy to look after and look great in all kinds of decors.

Certain rugs are priced according to their weight or the number of knots used to create the rug. Flokati rugs, for example, are more expensive the heavier the rug is per square meter as this is an indication of its thickness and therefore its fluffiness. To save money, opt for a rug that is slightly lighter in weight that the others of the same size – it could save you hundreds of dollars.

Oriental rugs are, amongst other factors, priced according to their knot count. This is because rugs of this nature are handmade and it takes a weaver much longer to produce a rug with a count of 200 per square inch than a count of 100. Higher counts are considered much better quality, but a low count does not necessarily equal a poorly-made rug. If you are happy with a rug’s look and feel, why would you want to pay more?!




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