Braided Rugs - Oval, Round and Rag Rugs

Considerations when purchasing a braided rug

Braided rugs
Braided rugs are made using a very simple yet wonderfully effective weaving technique. Traditionally hand woven using scraps and odd-ends of fabric, you will find braided rugs in all manner colors, from sophisticated monotones to exciting mélanges of bright reds, blues and greens. The range of styles and colors mean that they will look good in any room of the house. In fact, braided rugs are so versatile that they also look great outdoors on verandas and patios.

You may find that some stores refer to braided rugs as rag rugs owing to nature of their humble beginnings, when rags of cloth were literally woven together by hand. Braided rugs are also sometimes called hooked rugs, a name that is suggestive of the technique used to tie the various pieces of fabric together.

When shopping for a braided rug you will come across a wide range of shapes and sizes - including oval, round and rectangular. Try to do your homework beforehand and calculate the exact requirements that you want to fulfill. For instance, if the rug is going to be placed in the centre of a room, totally clear of any objects or furniture, ensure that you measure the area properly and keep a note of these details.

Next, consider whether your rug is going to come into contact with any animals, or if it is going to be situated near a door or heavily-trafficked area. If the answer to either of these is yes and you think it is going to require regular trips to the laundry, opt for a braided rug that is made from a washable fabric such as nylon.







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