Area Rugs - Design and Layout

Types of area rugs: large, round, wool and shag

Area Rugs
An area rug can really bring a room together in terms of structure and design. It will allow color themes and the style of a room’s interior to be accentuated by simply repeating these aspects within its design.

Area rugs also allow a room’s purpose to be defined. Specific areas can be divided up and identified just by placing a rug in the center of that space. For example, in a very open plan apartment where your living space, eating space and sleeping space are all located within the same four walls, a few well-placed area rugs can immediately define each area as a separate room, thereby giving you a greater feeling of room identity with obvious boundaries determining exactly where one area stops and another one begins.

This technique is also extremely useful when arranging furniture and accessories within a large room, as it helps to divide up the different parts of the area, for example, a seating area could be defined using a very large rug in the centre of the space, with a long runner being used to classify the area from the door to the window as a kind of corridor for people to walk along to get from one side of the room to another.

There are lots of different shapes and styles of area rug. Within this section, we discuss some of the more popular types, from the traditional wool area rugs, to round rugs, shag area rugs and even a few tips on how to get your hands on some discount area rugs. Area rugs look equally good on hard wooden flooring or on carpet, provided the color and patterns of the two do not clash and the lower carpet is of a short pile so that the top rug can be positioned correctly on top.

One of the obvious benefits of using an area rug rather than a fitted carpet to define a room is that rugs can easily be moved around to accommodate new furniture and new interior design themes. What is more, should you move to a new house or apartment, the rugs can simply be rolled up and transported over to your new place!




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