Antique Rugs

Types, buying and repair

Antique Rugs
If you are considering purchasing a decorative antique rug there are certainly many beautiful designs and styles for you to look at. Within this section we focus on two of the most popular types of antique rugs are Aubusson rugs (from France) and Persian rugs (from Iran, formerly Persia).

Unlike a modern rug, an antique rug is not going to reach you in perfect condition. One of the most appealing and charming qualities of this type of product is that it is steeped in history, and that usually means it will have encountered a certain amount of damage and wear & tear.

In spite of this, you should still be able to find an antique rug of a relatively good state. Here are some of the things to look out for when shopping for antique rugs or Oriental rugs:

The best way to establish whether or not a rug is in good condition is to get it cleaned. If possible, ask the person or the company that you are buying the item from to get it cleaned in advance. Dirt is not necessarily a bad thing, and it can sometimes even help you to get a better price out of the dealer. However other problems associated with antique rugs and carpets, such as excessive wear and tear, sun damage and substandard reparative work can go unnoticed if it is very dirty.

The more even the pile of the rug the better so make sure you have a close look to see whether it is more worn side than another.

You should also check whether the rug shows signs or previous repair work. If this is the case, check that it has been fixed properly. For example, if the repair was carried out to fix a worn area, ensure that the rug has been rewoven in a manor that is sympathetic to style and technique of the rest of the weave. If you are buying the rug over the internet, or unseen for any other reason, always ask the vender to assess the rug’s condition. This way, if you are unhappy with the product when you receive it, there is more scope for a discount or even a refund.




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