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Of course, if all this technology is a bit too much for you and you simply want to frame a digital picture or photo, then have a look through the site at some of the types of frames, like wood, metal, glass and pewter.

Digital picture frames do exactly what you’d expect: they frame digital images. There are a variety of products available to satisfy this ever-growing market, however the majority tend to fall into one of two categories: the modern, electronic look and the classic, antique look.

Contemporary-style digital frames

Modern-looking digital picture frames look almost like a television screen and are a great way of viewing your digital prints if you do not own a home computer. All you need to do to see your pictures is insert the memory card from your digital camera. Most will come with a range of viewing options, such as the slideshow format which will move from one image to the next automatically, and many also allow you to play digital music and video files.

Antique-style digital frames

This category of digital frames will look at home even in the most distinguished and ornate of surroundings. To anyone viewing the picture, it would look exactly like a regular one, but this frame has one very important difference. Its build-in CD Rom, which is discreetly positioned at the side of the frame, means that up to 10,000 digital stills can be displayed.

If you want to change the picture to suit a new décor or you are simply a little bored of the current display and fancy a change, just select an alternative and you will have a completely new masterpiece in a matter of seconds!

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