Rustic Lighting Fixtures

Rustic Lighting and Cabin Light Fixtures

Rustic lighting fixtures

Rustic lighting has the perfect characteristics to provide the finishing touches to the decor of any cabin or lodge. Stick to natural looking surfaces such as rawhide, wrought iron, wood, pierced tin, natural logs and antlers. These are chandeliers which have an obvious rustic quality – a perfect way to add touch of grandeur to a country lodge.

Instead of crystal beads, they are designed with nature in mind. There are different styles of chandelier such as a “pine cone” design with the base of the lamps in a pine cone shape with fir decorations. Wood chandeliers with carved antler decorations and leather lamp shapes all use natural materials.

Consumers have to remember though that rustic designs are there to be seen – many designs will simply not allow you to conform to today’s conventional “concealed light techniques.” Mounting is also made a lot more difficult by the lack of even surfaces that characterize a cabin. Sorry folks! More often than not getting the lighting just right means shaving a log to make the surface more accepting, or even result in you having to hollow out an area to accommodate a sconce.

In addition to pendant lighting fixtures there are wall-mounted light fixtures to complement a main central light source. Soft, warm lighting is appropriate for cabins, particularly in the evening. Dimmable lighting gives more flexibility and lighting controls are needed for each light source to change relative brightness. Task lighting can be provided by free-standing or wall-mounted reading lamps.

Exterior lighting fixtures are useful for finding keys in the dark and for security. Take care though to avoid ruining the night skies for every one else by over-lighting the exterior. Motion sensors, timers and photocells can regulate your lighting – although a motion sensor may not be the best option as it could be set off by small animals. A dim light set to come on in the hours of darkness may be the most appropriate option.


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