Rope Lighting

Characteristics and ideas

Rope lighting
Rope lighting consists of a series of evenly-spaced tiny bulbs encased in a clear, plastic tube. The tube can be clear or colored. It is possible to buy a controller to set the bulbs flashing on and off. There are different settings where the lights simply flash on and off, or they seem to ‘chase’ each other, or flash on and off in a random pattern.

The tubes can be cut and different colored tubes can be spliced together. Rope lighting is usually bought in a kit with clips and power connectors and is reasonably simple to install. The tubes are usually marked every few feet so you can see where to cut them and they can be sealed together using non-acidic silicone glue.

The tubes can be installed along book case shelves, under beds to give a floating impression, or draped over sculptures. It can also be used to great effect outside, for instance draped over trees or garden ornaments. They are an effective way of lighting up steps, inside and out. Another option is to have a handful of tubes the same length and tie them together at the bottom so they splay out at the top like a bouquet of flowers. The bulbs can not be replaced: this type of lighting is designed to be discarded and replaced when the bulbs go. Usually they are guaranteed for between 10,000 and 25,000 hours use. Rope lighting is designed to remain cool so the tubes don’t burn if you touch them, so is a fun addition to a child’s room.








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