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What's types of pool lighting can I get?

Pool lighting

Technological advancements have bought some major changes to the world of pool lighting. Gone are the days of simple white light behind a sealed see through portal.

Guide4home is proud to give you the swimming pool lighting fixtures of today!

Metal Halide Lights – This are often found in tropical aquariums, and is what gives them that clean white, almost iridescent glow. By burning at a higher temperature they deliver a wide spectrum of light. Pools can fitted with these will outshine those with standard incandescent fixtures. Companies today also infuse a multi color effect into the halide lamps, pool owners can therefore opt to have their pool area glowing emerald green, and then watch as it turns to a Caribbean blue. Metal halide lighting comes with up to 3 years warranty.

Outdoor pool lighting
Fiber optic lighting is even finding its way into the pool. These also incorporate metal halide technology but do not heat up as much since the source is only at one end. A more even and light distribution is achievable. Halide and fiber optic technology can also be used to transform the colors of water fountains.

You can really bring out your pool area by bring in with other lighting features such as lanterns, rope lights along the fence and scattered throughout the shrubbery, and possibly recessed lights around the pool’s perimeter to frame it.



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