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Design Ideas for outdoor lights

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Outdoor lighting fixtures can add another dimension to your garden by delicately melding together the light spaces with the dark. Guide4Home has put together a few tips to get you started on your landscape lighting quest.

Many of us want to create an instant “wow” factor – some kind of super light fest. Remember you need the dark areas to complement the light – so hitting your garden with an onslaught of floodlighting is not the way. What you are aiming for is achieving a level of comfort and relaxation. Who said you had to have an array of impressive features?

Go remote. By incorporating a series of dimmer switches you can change the mood very quickly. Light to check on the kids swimming can become a romantic glow in the flick of a switch. Other gadgets include timers, motion detectors, and photocell outdoor lights. Incorporate them into your home security – or simply use them to add your light-landscape.

Beam two or three lights up on the trunk of a tree – the texture on the bark is emphasized, and the branches are highlighted against the night sky. This can also been done to walls, particularly to ones with arches and carved surfaces.

Statues and garden water features on the other hand should be lit up by outdoor light fixtures placed above them. The more sources focusing on the piece the better, as this cuts out on any projected shadows. An alternative, when it comes to water features, is to have light coming out of the water. Outdoor LED lights work particularly well with water!

Although, considered tacky – a few well placed lanterns can really transform your outdoor area. This only becomes tacky if the lanterns you have chosen are overbearing, over detailed or don’t provide a soft diffuse glow. Go for a simple brass design.

Try using low voltage lighting – MR16 Halogen lamps are perfect. Wires do not have to be sunk deep underground and can be connected to a transformer as opposed to the mains. Children and pets are also at no risk of getting hurt around low voltage fixtures. These little beauties also use less energy than your standard voltage fixtures.


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