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Low voltage lighting operates at 12 volts (v) instead of the standard 120v resulting in a much smaller light fixture which is perfect for feature for precision lighting. Low voltage light fixtures are available for use outdoors as well as in the home.

A transformer is required to reduce the voltage from 120v to 12v. Low voltage halogen lighting produces a white, bright light due to the halogen gas and can be focused precisely on a specific area. Therefore it is ideal for feature lighting.

Recessed low voltage lighting can be installed in alcoves, along stairwells or as back lighting for book cases. Recessed fixtures are embedded in the wall, ceiling or floor to give discreet, focused lighting. Concealed track lighting can be used to light display cabinets, work tops in kitchens or shelving units. Low-voltage reflector lamps include a dichroic which focuses light in different beam widths. The reflector directs light forward and draws back some of the heat, resulting in concentrated, cooler beam. Low-voltage bulbs and lamps are available in different wattages.







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