Garden Lighting Design Ideas and Considerations

Smart ideas for outdoor garden lighting

Garden lighting

Garden lighting can allow your garden to be admired even on evenings when you are not planning to sit outside. Outdoor lights at night-time have much more impact and a little can go a long way. The first step in garden lighting design is to choose the garden features you wish to highlight and decide how bright you can afford to go.

Outdoor garden lights can be decorative features in themselves; for instance frog-shaped lights, stained glass lanterns or long “stick” lights can all brighten up your little Eden. Water features such as ponds or fountains look magical when lit at night as the light reflects off the water. Tip: water responds well to LED Lighting.

Outdoor garden paths can be lit with fairy lights or small floor lights, providing an attractive yet completely discreet and unobtrusive display. Steps or unexpected changes in level need to be well-lit to draw attention to them. If you are considering using flood lights bear in mind that while this is an effective method of lighting a feature from one angle, when viewed from another angle it could be quite blinding. Solar garden lighting works well but needs to be in a sunny position so may not be suitable for over shaded and protected gardens.

Usually the source should be concealed and ideally should blend in to the garden's surroundings, thus keeping the magical illusion. If you are considering using colored garden fixtures, think about how the color will affect the natural color of the plants, and bear in mind that some plants change colors with the seasons. Movable garden lighting rather than fixed garden lights allow more flexibility and allow you to keep pace with the yearly flora changes.

Make sure you use products that are UL listed as being safe for ‘wet’ locations. Cables should be positioned deep enough in the ground so they won’t be disturbed by mowing or other garden activities. Ideally avoid areas which are regularly dug over or mowed.





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