Exterior Lighting Fixtures - Lighting for Security

Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting - lighting for security

Exterior lighting is used for lighting up gardens at night or for added home security. Fixtures can be set on a timer or with a motion sensor to light up the exterior of your home. In addition to scaring off would-be burglars, it makes it easier to find your keys! It is important to have consideration for your neighbors and try to avoid light pollution. A little goes a long way with night-time lighting.

Low-level lighting using a photocell to provide dusk til dawn lighting is preferable to a motion sensor because it is considered a more effective deterrent and does not add to light pollution. Exterior light fixtures should not be more than 150 watts. If using a motion sensor, follow the installation instructions carefully so the lights are not set off accidentally by small animals and birds causing annoyance to your neighbors.

Likewise check that it is directed so that only people on your property can set it off. Lights should be pointed downwards so they only reflect onto your property and don’t intrude on your neighbors’. Home security exterior lighting should be positioned high up out of reach so it can’t be tampered with.

Stick to IP68-rated light fixtures, since these functionally perfectly in wet conditions and are in fact completely submersible!

Architectural structures and designs, such as decking or garden paths, need their own lighting. Whether you are illuminating your garden so you can eat outside on warm evenings or to host a family event, exterior light fixtures add an extra dimension to your home. Consider installing pool lighting to allow a heated swimming pool to be used in the evening. When installing outdoor fixtures ensure that cables are not in areas requiring frequent mowing or disturbance and install them at least 18 inches underground.


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