Lighting Design Considerations

Interior and exterior lighting design

Lighting design

Modern lighting design has progressed a long way, with advances in lighting technology designed to make the most of your home. Good lighting should enhance the interior design and bring out the room’s best features.

Generally speaking, lighting needs to cover three areas: ambient lighting, accent lighting and task lighting.

Ambient lighting provides general lighting in a room or outside space while accent lighting highlights specific features such as paintings, sculptures or garden water features. Task lighting provides lighting to work by, for instance in a kitchen or study.

Interior Lighting Design

There are a few points to consider when assessing a room for a lighting project:

1. What is the room used for? I.e. you need to plan lighting to cover different activities. Does the room need special lighting for a specific task?

2. Does the room have any striking features that would benefit from accent lighting?

3. What mood are you trying to achieve? Good lighting design should include adjustable lighting to achieve different moods.

4. Consider practicalities such as the wiring in the house and how much load it can take. Also how many power points are there and where are they?

5. Look at the color scheme and take note of any reflective surfaces such as a mirror, window or a white ceiling.

6. What is the style of the interior decor? For instance a period home would benefit from antique lighting, contemporary lighting would look striking in a modern home and a log cabin needs rustic lighting.

Exterior Lighting Design

Exterior lighting covers three aspects: security, activities and decorative lighting. Security lighting can deter intruders and make it easier to find your key to unlock the front door on dark evenings. Outdoor activities require special lighting, for instance you may wish to light your swimming pool or outdoor eating area. Decorative lighting can be used to create dramatic effects such as lighting up a sculpture, exotic plant or water feature. Be considerate to your neighbors and don’t over-light your backyard, causing light pollution and annoyance to your neighbors. Outdoor lighting should be focused to avoid intruding on your neighbors’ space.


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