Deck Lighting and Patio Lighting Considerations

Smart ideas for deck lighting

Deck lighting
The summer months see us spending more and more time outside, with the deck becoming another entertainment area. Barbeques, pool parties, dinner and other social functions stream from you house onto the deck.

Getting the lighting just right can make these experiences even more memorable and magical.

Guide4Home has listed a few deck and patio lighting considerations below:

There is often a tendency to blast the area with too much light, destroying any ambience. You only want to provide “accent lighting.” A few simple features such as surface mounts, post lamps, post caps and garden lanterns are all intimate light sources that would work.

Glare, translates to squinting, which translates to being uncomfortable. Deck lighting must not produce a glare, and the best way to ensure this is avoided to try and conceal light sources and master the art of utilizing indirect light sources.

Fitting lights under the deck can give the illusion the deck is floating, or why not try having a few lights fitted into the deck and covered with glass (fostered or otherwise) so it becomes part of the floor. This produces an up-lighting affect which will look great underneath an archway or along a garden wall.

Colored filters can change the mood of your garden, and bring out certain colors. Halide lamps work well with ponds and pools.

Always illuminate uneven areas or areas where there are steps.





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