Contemporary Lighting Fixtures - Tips and Trends

Contemporary lighting design tips for your home

Contemporary lighting fixtures

Contemporary lighting takes its place in modern culture with the Victoria and Albert Museum’s first ever exhibition of contemporary lighting in London, UK February 2004. Lighting designers are now being recognized for their work as the fruits of their craft are being used more and more to enhance modern home decor.

Advances in light technology since the early 1990s such as fiber optics and LED have increased the options available when it comes to home lighting. Interesting effects can be achieved with strategic use of color and modern placement techniques.

A few modern, contemporary lighting design tips for your home:

Go for bold, strong shapes. Although the light effect should be discreet, the fixtures themselves can have a bit of a decorative flair to them. Incorporate this with the “lighter reflective metals” – silver, chrome, and nickel and you are moving towards a very retro-modern look. These surfaces also allow the light to filter through the room as it is bounced from one surface to another.

Those big “larger than life table lamps” work really well and cast an elegant glow over any working table. Look for anything that stands up to about 32 inches.

Today's chandelier styles give a new twist to an old theme. Designer lighting fixtures are more expensive but a stylish look to your home. Modern classics by contemporary designers are becoming more available - such as the popular monorails. These are a flexible track with small pendant light fixtures attached. Monorails can be bent into any shape, either use them for a row of lights above a work top or sofa, or bend them into curve or spiral for an interesting focal point to the room.

Illuminate your hallways and stairs with a serene candlelight glow, without the fire hazard. Replace your standard bulbs with ones that have an amber filament and incorporate a simple dimmer switch.

Modern technology allows striking effects to be achieved with fiber optic lighting. Traditionally used in museums and for lighting antiquities, this is now found in every day households. Multiple fiber optic lights can be used to create a starry sky effect in a bedroom ceiling. Rope lighting, which consists of tiny, evenly-spaced bulbs in a clear plastic tube, can be used to light shelf space or to create unusual lighting features in the garden. Controls can be bought to adjust the settings: either the lights simply flash on or off or can light up one at a time to look as though the lights are chasing each other. Rope lighting is available in many different colors.


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