Chandelier Lighting: Three Modern Choices

Planet Moon, Julian and Molnig Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers are striking, contemporary decorative light fixtures and this type of lighting brings sparkle to your home. The word ‘chandelier’ means ‘candleholder’ and is from the French word for candle.

Below we look at three most popular chandeliers, ones that we believe that will cope with the trend changes and provide you the most flexibility.

The Planet Moon Chandelier – designed by Lawre Stone, The Hudson River Design Company

Retailing at: Just over $1300, the Moon Chandelier comes in at just under a $1000

Both feature a series of irregular steel arms that surround a decorative hardwood globe that is surface with 12K gold leaf. Both chandeliers are available in two colors – midnight blue and white gold leaf; or red and standard yellow gold leaf.

The Molnig Chandelier from IKEA

IKEA Molnig Chandelier

This creation also comes in a black finish and has 4 swooping arms that frame the center stem. Clear twisted or frosted curved glass bulbs work best with this design – one on each arm and a fifth one located in the central stem. This contemporary chandelier retails at under $50 and requires assembly.

image. IKEA Molnig Chandelier

Chandelier lighting has a strong dramatic impact which doesn’t work in every household; the rooms need to be reasonably spacious to support this type of lighting. The chandelier can be the main feature in a plain room or be part of an overall decorative scheme. Fixtures vary in size and style and are decorative features in their own right in addition to being a useful light source. Lighting installed in the ceiling above the chandelier can maximize the effect as this extra lighting "frames" the chandelier and enhances the glittering effect created by the crystal beads. Chandeliers can now be fitted with dimmers to alter the room's mood.


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