Under Cabinet Lighting

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Cabinet lighting

Under cabinet lighting is an effective way of lighting work areas in kitchens. It is important to use cool-running lighting systems to avoid overheating. Fluorescent kitchen lighting fixtures are cool-running and the lamps last longer. However fluorescent lighting can be quite stark and is unsightly when reflected off very shiny surfaces.

Incandescent tubes give softer lighting but can get hot which is not ideal for under cabinet lighting, particularly if the cabinets are used for food storage. The other problem is that the bulbs are more fragile than fluorescent lights and blow more frequently, particularly when jarred by cupboard doors being closed.

Low-voltage under cabinet lighting is one of the better options. It gives a bright, clear light which can be dimmed to produce a soft, candle-like glow. This type of lighting is more flattering to kitchen work surfaces but is more expensive to install than the other options. The lamps don’t last as long as fluorescent lighting, but if fitted with a dimmer they tend go past their “best by” date. Another advantage of low-voltage bulbs is that they are quite shallow and can therefore be recessed.









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