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Bathrooms often have little or no natural light and bathrooms with no external windows are completely dependent on artificial light sources, so bathroom lighting needs to be planned with care to fit all needs.

Bright lights are necessary for applying makeup and vanity purposes, but having the option of softer lighting can make an evening bath a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Today's contemporary and modern fixture designs make all this possible.

Shiny bathroom surfaces reflect light so softer lighting, such as low-voltage lighting, works well. Dimmer switches allow bright daytime lighting to be dimmed in the evening and can be installed to control the different light areas.

Great Design Ideas to Tap Your Bathroom's Full Lighting Potential

Positioning bathroom light fixtures over the tub gives an interesting rippling effect on the ceiling as the light is reflected off the water. Consider also that the room will not only be viewed from a "standing vantage point", but from lower levels such as when using the tub or toilet. Therefore try and position light sources accordingly. Water-resistant light fixtures are available for showers. Either ceiling lights or modern wall-mounted lights can work well in shower cubicles.

Illuminating the base of the bathtub creates a striking modern effect and can be achieved with rope lighting or small, low-voltage spotlights. Contemporary rope lighting consists of a tube of plain or colored lighting which gives off a soft, diffuse glow. These types of bathroom lights can be left on at night if so wished. Take care - bulbs can heat up the floor, which can become a bit warm for bare feet. The lights need to be completely sealed behind thick glass to prevent overheating and to make them splash-proof.

Avoid overly harsh vanity lighting which cast strong shadows and show up any imperfections. Even light distribution around the mirror is important to avoid unsightly shadows. This can be achieved by using strip lighting or a combination of down lights above the mirror and side lights. People tend to prefer the idea of using strips of small lights fixed around the mirror. Shields over these lights can help reduce any glare and minimize the intensity of any shadows cast. If shields are not quite your thing, then another option open to you is to have the strip lights recessed.

The high sheen and glossy surfaces means light will bounce from tile to mirror, to basin to tub.


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