Antique Lighting Fixtures - Peroid Characteristics

Antique Lighting Fixtures, Reproduction and Restoration

Antique lighting fixtures

Antique lighting companies can restore antique light fixtures, reproduce vintage lighting, or produce a uniquely customized effect. Collectible period pieces can add value to your home. Antique lighting dealers sell reproduction fixtures based on examples from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Crystal chandeliers were very popular and modern reproductions can look very dramatic in period houses. It was typical for most to be surrounded by an intricate medallion. Medallions are decorative discs which surround the fixture’s connection to the ceiling. Reproduction medallion fixtures made of lightweight, strong plastic which mimic the original plaster versions are available.

Deciding On Reproduction Antique Lighting

When selecting antique lighting for a period home, look for fixtures that date from the time your house was built to recreate the ambience of that era. Reproduction gas or kerosene light fixtures are available if you want to go all out. Originally chandeliers used candles; today modern chandeliers use candle-shaped light bulbs to replicate the effect.

Early electric lights produced 10 watts only so use more lights with dimmer settings. For this reason to, pendant lights were hung much lower than today so if you can, hang your antique light fixtures lower than you normally would, but keeping them at a safe height for walking under. For illuminating a dining room match the fixture to the size of the table rather than to the size of the room. The fixture can be hung low down a short distance above the table. Wall sconces can be a final touch to your period design.




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