Kitchen Sinks - Material Pros and Cons

Material and cost comparisons

American standard kitchen sink

If the kitchen is the hub of your household then the kitchen sink is probably one of the hardest working fixtures in your home. No other fixture is used for preparing meals as well as the clean up afterwards. If you want to select a sink that will soldier on for many years it helps if you understand what makes some kitchen sinks better than others.

Stainless Steel Sinks:

The thickness and gauge of the steel has a direct effect on how long the sink lasts, those with a lower gauge are thicker, and won’t dent as easily.

Pros: Durable, won’t chip, cost-effective, easy to clean, good at holding heat, lightweight, complements commercial-style appliances

Cons: Will show scratches, thinner gauge steel will dent more easily as well as having a noisy tinny sound.

Price: $300 - $800

Cast Iron:

These sinks are quite often found in older homes that haven’t had the kitchen remodeled. Cast iron are covered with enamel which can cause problems if the enamel is knocked and chipped off leaving the iron exposed.

Pros: They will last a lifetime, traditional style

Cons: Very expensive, they don’t hold heat very well, if knocked the enamel will chip off leaving iron exposed, can be difficult to install because of its weight

Price: Approx $300 - $1,500

Composite Sinks:

These are the new sinks on the block that are becoming increasingly popular. Composite sinks are usually made from quartz compounds mixed with acrylic resins.

Pros: It can be mounted from above or below, comes in many colours, stain resistant, you can set hot pots down on it.

Cons: Sharp knives can leave marks

Price: Approx $350 - $500

Sinks mount in one of two places, either above the counter top or below it. There is a bigger selection of sinks that mount above the counter and they are easier to install. Below the counter sinks are usually more expensive but they provide a less conspicuous appearance.


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