Kitchen Designers - Turn your Dream Kitchen into a Reality

Are They Worth The Investment?

Kitchen Designers
Kitchen designers can turn your dream kitchen into a reality without the extra helping of stress that is often served up when you’re renovating or designing from scratch. If your budget is tight, a kitchen interior designer may seem like an unnecessary expense to begin with, but they are definitely worth the investment, saving you money in the long run.

Kitchen design is a highly specialized and complex affair, so it helps if you can get a designer involved at the earliest part of the process. When designing a “modern” kitchen there are plenty of things that need to be considered from design elements to basic practical considerations.

A professional takes all of these factors into consideration as well as thinking about all the other minor things that can become major if not anticipated.

Kitchen interior designers can open your eyes to new options as they are aware of all the latest trends and modern home innovations. They will also be up-to-date with changes, special offers, finishes and options that are available from kitchen manufacturers.

Once you’ve found a designer (whether it be online or via the yellow pages), make sure you ask: What is the process that leads to a final set of plans? What isn’t included as part of the design service? Does he/she recommend contractors and suppliers? And what does he/she expect from you?

Always state very clearly and early on, what your budget is, as there is no point in having a design that is completely unobtainable and a designer can’t give good advice without knowing how much you’re prepared to spend.

Tell the designer what you like and don’t like. Keeping a scrap book of things you like or ideas you may have is an excellent way to help the designer understand the look you want to achieve. As well as having your own ideas make sure you are open to new suggestions as a designer will come in with fresh ideas.

Don’t expect your new modern kitchen to be designed and built in a day. Good things take time and the more study and planning you put into your project the more likely you are to be happy with the finished product.

You should expect several drafts of a plan, before you sign a contract you should determine an approx number of drafts. The final plans should contain two views, a “plan view” (looking from the ceiling down) and “elevations” (looking straight on). The industry standard plans are usually drawn in a scale of ½ inch = 1 inch.



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