Kitchen Decorating Ideas for those on a Budget

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Small Kitchen Decorating Ideas...On a Budget

Kitchen Decorating

Kitchen decorating is one of those projects where you can go berserk, spending thousands on countertops, cabinets and matching appliances. However, you don’t have to mortgage your house to decorate your kitchen. There are plenty of small inexpensive things you can do that will make a major improvement.

A good way to get your kitchen decorating ideas rolling is to start compiling a scrap book of kitchen styles, colors, materials and accessories you like. The scrap book will help to hone your ideas, so you have a clear picture of the look you want to achieve.

When looking at appliances or accessories, keep in mind that more is not always the answer, especially if you only have a small space to work with. Try and start sparingly and then gradually add extras.

Top Five Inexpensive Kitchen Decorating Tips

1. Add a Splash of Color

Paint is one of the most inexpensive ways to completely change the look of your kitchen. If you have dark, unattractive wooden cabinets, give them a new lease of life with a fresh coat of paint. You can also make a small dark room appear brighter and more spacious by using white, light or warm colors.

2. Change Knobs and Handles

If you have outdated, ugly knobs and handles on kitchen cabinets and doors, try replacing them with something that looks good in the 21 st century, like matte stainless steel.

3. Shelves

Open shelves can add extra storage or display areas to any spare wall space that you may have. Shelving is also relatively easy to install and fairly inexpensive.

4. Pictures

A few pictures, photographs or pottery pieces can brighten up dull spaces. Just be careful not to place any works of art too close to the stove or the sink.

5. Container Crazy

If you don’t have enough storage space in your cupboards try using some stylish canisters and storing them on the kitchen counter. If you can’t afford canisters try recycling funky glass jars by stripping off the labels.


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