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A laptop desk for every occasion; from mobile computing to office ergonomics.

Laptop desks

Laptop desks come in a variety of sizes and styles; from antique wooden desks to portable ergonomic laptop desks. Read on for details on models currently available on the market as well as their key features and benefits:

*Targus Notebook portable laptop desk

This thin, lightweight folding tray fits effortlessly into even the smallest of notebook cases. A specially designed foot on the desk surface raises the back section of the laptop for maximum airflow and cooling efficiency. The unit weighs less than 23 ounces and has a surface area of 225.5 square inches. The LapDesk can be purchased online from Targus for approximately $30.

* Lapdog mobile laptop computer desk

The Lapdog mobile work station is unique in the sense that it is neither a desk nor a tray, but rather a lap top carry case that unfolds in a matter of seconds to become a fully functional mobile work station for your lap top. The inner most flap of the bag becomes a wrist strap, while the pockets of the bag become storage pouches that can hold stationary and books. The surface area of the bag is both non slip and heat resistant while the lower padding is vibration and shock proof, ensuring that you laptop will not be affected by any sudden jolts or movement. The Lapdog unit costs approximately $100 and is available from online from Shaun Jackson Design.

* inStand Portable CR3 laptop stand 120

The inStand portable laptop desk is constructed out of aircraft quality, shock proof material that is as light as it is durable. A height-adjustable aluminum tripod ensures that the unit can be adapted to both sitting and standing height, while the slide proof tray surface can accommodate any laptop regardless of size and weight. The unit weighs approximately 25 ounces and can be folded to fit into almost any sized laptop case. The inStand CR3 model is available from inStand online and costs approximately $120.

*Desk Space Anyplace luggage laptop desk

The Desk Space Anyplace laptop holder is the perfect travel desk in the sense that clips conveniently onto the handles of rolling bags and cases. The three point tripod base can be adjusted to sitting or standing height, while the desk itself is held up securely by your bag or suitcase. The slide proof desk surface is made out of black plastic or cherry wood, while the tripod base is made out of lightweight aluminum. The luggage laptop desk provides you with your own portable workspace regardless of where you are – be it standing in a busy airport or sitting in a taxi. The luggage laptop is available online from Desk Space Anyplace and costs between $75 and $100 depending on the size and features of the model that you select.



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