Discount Office Furniture - A guide

Tips on finding discount furniture

Discount office furniture

If you want to find discount office furniture, there are many places to find it. Here are just a few suggestions...

Because there are so few overheads associated with internet sales, greater discounts can be achieved when purchasing through websites instead of at stores.

By taking the time to shop around, and by comparing prices and working out exactly which products and exactly how many items you need, you will undoubtedly make savings.

Flip through your local paper, and make a point at stopping to look at the supermarket magazines and bulletin /posting boards. These are great sources of private furniture sellers! Summer you will find these boards (and sometimes the sides of your neighborhood roads) dotted with “garage sale” announcements.

Take a trip out of the city and visit the “burbs.” Small towns often house cozy second hand shops in which you can find some UNIQUE deals and pieces with what many would simply describe as “character.”

Not willing to leave your city confines? Head for the big department stores – discount days are often sporadic so you could stay one step ahead and establish a relationship with the stores “customer service department.” An as if you didn’t know this already…certain giants dedicate a whole floor (lowest one!) to discounted wares, and other pieces which are only at 99% perfection!

If you can make a conscious effort to move from supplier to supplier and continuously take advantage of opening offers then you will reap the financial benefits. The down side to this is that you will not be able to build up a rapport with a supplier over a period of time and the time it will take to complete all necessary paperwork involved in setting up new accounts.

Discounts of up to 90% are available on second hand and used office furniture. Used office furniture can be sourced in a variety of different places. It can be bought at auctions, either online or at an auction house, or by contacting hire companies or companies that specialize in liquidation assets or office clearances and sell off to buyers. Also check ads in local newspapers. – see our section on this

Nearly all suppliers will provide a range of discount chairs. These are usually a very simple design and covered in a basic, inexpensive fabric like nylon. They lack the style of a designer chair, the extravagance of an executive chair and the medical advantages of an ergonomic chair but could be the chair for you if your main objective is to save money.


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