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Searching for suitable home office desks can be a nightmare, mainly because of the fact that today’s home computer desks need to fulfill a number of different purposes. Functionality aside, home office desks also need to be stylish and fit in with the existing décor of your home.

Luckily today’s marketplace is awash with different models, ranging from smart antique desks to contemporary executive computer stations. There’s something out there tailored to each taste and budget… it’s just a case of knowing where to look. Here are three of our favorites.

Country Collection Roll Top Computer Desk

This large oak desk is both professional looking and reasonably priced. The elegant lines and high quality wood used in the design guarantee that this model will help transform any home office into a working haven. The upper workspace features an abundance of storage drawers and recesses as well as power cable slots, while the lower portion of the desk has both a foldaway storage mechanism and keyboard slot. A pull down hood allows for the upper desk to be kept out of sight whenever you are not using it. The Country Collection Home Office Desk retails for between $2000 and $3000 and can be purchased online from most major furniture suppliers.

Flair Basic Office Desk

Despite what its name implies, the construction of this desk is in actual fact far from basic. The desk features a work surface that is large enough for all your computer equipment as well as any files, books or paper you may need. The keyboard is easily hidden on the slide out keyboard shelf and the two large storage drawer units have been placed on castors for freedom of movement. The curve on the edge of the desk gives it a more elegant appearance and ensures that it will become an admired feature in any home. The Flair Basic Home Office Desk retails for between $700 and $1000. One of the most coveted executive computer desks on the marketplace.

Onde Large Computer Desk

If you are looking to make some space on the kitchen table, stow away the cutter and make your life more efficient then this impressive antique desk is just the solution. Featuring a lacquered, solid pine finish, this home office desk contains four drawers and a cubby-hole as well as a cupboard and keyboard shelf. The abundance of storage space ensures that not only will your computer be stored conveniently away, but all those extra parts, disks, and manuals will also be hidden from view. Additional storage space is also available in an optional matching shelving unit.

Storage space aside, the desk is also an economical alternative; retailing for under $400. An essential piece of home office furniture.



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