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The A to Z of desk accessories

Desk accessories

A desk accessory can prove to be the perfect gift for a co-worker or employer. Desk accessories are useful yet not too personal, small but entertaining. From executive antique desk accessories to contemporary personalized accessories; the list of options is positively endless.

If you’re looking for inspiration…you’ve come to the right place; look no further than our exhaustive A-Z of personalized desk accessories:

A: Antique marble based desk calendar – an elegant and useful accessory. From $100 to $200

B: Bookends – from $50 to $150 depending on design and materials.

C: Calculator – the ever useful desk accessory. Splash out with a brass engraved version or stick to economical plastic. From $10 to $100.

D: Desktop lamp – traditional, lava, contemporary or fun. From $10 to $100

E: Eyewear holder – make sure that glasses and sunglasses are always safe and within sight. From $10 to $40

F: Framed friends – make work more bearable by keeping those that mean something to you close by. Choose from glass frames, brass frames, leather frames… and the list goes on. From $20 to $200

G: Globes – plastic, oak or crystal, the choice is yours. From $20 to $200

H: Handcrafted leather desk pad: a luxurious and exclusive desk accessory, not to mention useful. From $40 to $100

I: Infrared optical Mouse: the ultimate trendy and useful accessory. From $20 to $40

J: Jelly bean jar: to keep the sugar fix close at hand. From $10 to $20

K: Kinetic desk toy: an entertaining desk accessory to help pass the hours. From $10 to $50

L: Letter opener – sharp, stylish and always useful. From $10 to $30

M: Memo holder – stylish and useful. Choose from wood, gold, silver and marble with or without a matching pen. From $20 to $60

N: Name bar – curved, straight, gold, silver, freestanding or mounted. Name bars add the personal touch that is often missing from a desk. From $50 to $150

O: Organizer – perfect for organizing a desk and containing all those little extras that keep floating around. From $10 to $100

P: Pen stand – make sure that your pen is always just where you need it. From $20 to $50

Q: Quartz desk clock: an elegant accessory available in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. From $20 to $100

R: Ruler – wooden, plastic, gold or silver. Somehow you can never find one when you really need one. From $10 to $50

S: Sandtimer – a classic and old style desk accessory. From $50 to $150

T: Tape dispenser – a useful tool that comes in a variety of unusual designs. From $10 to $30

U: Utility knife – always handy to have around the office. Choose from gold, steel or marble handled to name just a few. For an added personal touch, consider engeaving the handle. From $10 to $100

V: Vase – porcelain, crystal, wood or aluminum. There’s nothing like a few flowers on your desk to brighten your day. From $20 to $200

W: Wrist support mouse pad – cushions and rests wrists throughout the day. From $10 to $30

X: Xerophyte and cactus garden – a miniature cactus and succulent garden adds color to a desk and requires little attention. From $20 to $50

Y: Yellowwood Bonsai tree – yellowwood trees make popular bonsais as they are fine branched and easy to look after. The perfect touch of green for any desk. From $20 to $50

Z: Zinc card holder – polished zinc looks as refined as silver at a fraction of the price. A useful and economical accessory. From $20 to $80


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