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Home office
Working practices are starting to change for the better. More flexible working hours, better parental support through crèche facilities and job-share schemes, as well as a marked increase in the number of employees working from home, are all helping to shape and improve the way in which we work.

As a greater proportion of the working population moves from the hustle and bustle of inner-city offices to a home office in the country or the suburbs, the demand for home office furniture also increases. With this, comes a growing market for high technology products and computer systems within the home so that home-based workers can easily communicate with their colleagues. The inception of Bluetooth and wireless technology has made the dream of working from home a reality for many people.

Unfortunately, due to space issues, many rooms have to lead a double life – home office by day, bedroom by night. Work or not, this is still your home so you want to rather aim integrating the office into your home - the result should be a space that is functional yet not alien.

What about decorating? Don’t concern yourself with attending to each individual surface, better to have a more holistic approach and consider the whole room. The mere presence of a desk immediately says “somebody WORKS here” – so there is no need to fill it with “power furniture” to try and further communicate this. Move away from the ideas of the typical office chair with casters and rather go for a comfy side chair that adds that “homely feel.”

If style is your thing then opt for a designer one by all means but our big tip is to go for the ‘Therapod Chair’. This is designed with comfort in mind but also oozes style and will look the part in any room in the house.

Wherever you set up your home office, it is likely that you will want your equipment to be as discreet and as space-efficient as possible. One piece of home office furniture that can really help you to achieve this is a computer cabinet. Computer cabinets as opposed to computer desks or workstations look extremely at home virtually anywhere in the house. They have a major plus factor for home offices because you are able to hide away your computer very easily whenever it is not in use.

Because of this, computer cabinets are very popular in home offices. Communal, family computers can be housed comfortably and do not overtake the room in which they are located. Another key factor is the security gained from keeping your computer out of sight. One thing you must do is ensure that you check the dimensions of the units not only when they are closed and tidy but when they are open as well! As effective as they are, they are only fully functional when you are able to open them properly. Once you are happy that your computer cabinet fits the space it will be going in, you can then decide on choice of material and design. This will no doubt come down to your personal preference and what is already in the room the computer will live in.


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