Wood Flooring - A warm and luxurious choice

Wooden flooring styles and durability

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is warm and luxurious choice that exudes an air of sophistication that it is not matched by many materials.

Wood floors that have received particular attention include Maple, Ash, Cherry, Pine, Beech, Oak and Teak. All the fore mentioned timbers are noted for their unique grain patterns, natural warm inviting shades and earthy characteristics.

Wood Flooring Unmasked

Wood flooring, although undeniably gorgeous, does have other attributes that make it one of the best selling flooring materials. Many estate agents' take on the property market is that homes that have been marked by solid timber surfaces will inadvertently have a higher market value than a home that is fitted with laminate flooring or vinyl flooring (for example). The value timber can add has been strengthened by the advances in the number of possible complimentary finishes, cuts, its easy maintenance and long life. It is therefore suited to the whole house, with maybe the exception of the bathroom. More exotic woods can be fitted but these come with a higher price tag due to import duties and are not always in stock.

Wood Flooring Styles

In its retail form the wood comes in a number of differently sized panels, boards, and tiles. Each of these can have a number of edges worked into them, such as a bevel, square, or micro edge. To add color differentiation timber floors can be stained or treated with finishes such as wax, varnish or urethane to expand its durability. Unfinished wood is less pricey - depending on the grade and coloration of the wood chosen. However, unfinished timber is not as easy to install and requires extended on site work.

Durability of Wooden Flooring

The life of a wood floor has been dramatically extended due to the advancement in finishes. A widely used finish is urethane which is ultra violet (uv) cured thus further increasing the woods appearance and life span in the presence of continuous sunlight exposure. Other finishes utilize a compound called aluminum oxide to extend durability. Many people are under the misconception that sanding is needed to remove scratches; this would only be required if the floor was stained and you maybe having second thoughts on the color.

Timber is a wise and aesthetic investment that will charm your home and keep you content for many, many years. Read more on antique wood flooring.








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