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The Pergo Flooring Collection

Pergo Flooring - Naturaltouch

Pergo flooring originally stemmed from a company based in Sweden (Perstorp AB) which was established well over one hundred and twenty years ago, although it was only in the 1920s when there was a product shift to laminates.

Pergo only developed the concept of laminate floors in the late 1970s where it quickly took off in Europe . America only started receiving its take on Pergo flooring in the very early 90s when operations were set up North Carolina.

The Pergo Flooring Collection

Today Pergo is a leading brand name and is broadly recognized across the market. To this end it has been become a trusted name in the eyes of the consumer and a popular flooring choice due to the number of colors, designs and patterns offered. The most proclaimed of the companies collections are:

Naturaltouch Collection - Characterized by a matt oil finish that gives a strong impression of natural wood. There are 16 laminates to choose from including "Rustic Ash", "Cottage Pine" and "Elegant Oak."

Vintage Collection - These floors have an antique look with a well textured surface. There are eight decors to choose from.

Exotic Collection - Characterized by a high polished finish on top of dark exotic wood such as Teak and Mahogany. There are 7 laminates to choose from.

Original Collection - Has a definite Scandinavian flare to the design. Dependable, simple and stylish.

Modern Tile Collection - Great for those looking to design their own floors as the collection follows along the lines of "mix and match." There are eight unique tiles to choose from.

Classic Plus Collection - Popular old-school designs that come in 12 traditional decors that never cease to be in style.

All the collections (excluding the Modern Tile Collection) come with a soundproofing underlay and special "click joints."

Although DIY installation has been incorporated into most of the flooring designs there are some consumers who do not have the knack for this type of hands on challenge. Because of this the company offers a range of pre-glued (CertainSeal) planks which can be fitted quickly and result in less mess to clean up. If you are unsure of your DIY capabilities then Pergo can offer a selection of kits and video guides to make the process easier. Like most companies this one also grants a guarantee that holds against staining and excessive wear.

For further details on Pergo flooring:

Pergo, Inc.

Attention: Consumer Affairs

PO Box 1775

Horsham , PA 19044-6775

Alternatively please visit the company website –


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