Painting Concrete Floors - The Artistic Approach

Guide to Painting Concrete Floors

Painting Concrete Floors
Painting concrete floors is starting to become an increasing fad in the flooring world. This is still a relatively new concept so there are very few flooring professionals out there who are fully equipped to handle such projects.

By painting the concrete one can achieve a "stone look" such as elegant marble or slate. A coat of paint can also produce a seamless tiled effect. Because this is still a new concept there are still so many possibilities that could emerge. Gone are the days where concrete floors were restricted to being gray and dull with little very character.

Brief Guide to Painting Concrete Floors

When painting concrete the first task to be undertaken is the repairing of any cracks and the elimination any stains that will detract form the color that will soon be applied. It is recommended that if your floor is less that a year old that you get the surface cleaned and then have it sealed. A primer sealer is applied once you have a uniform surface using a roller.

The primer needs to then dry before any color application can occur. Remember to read the instructions on the paint container and make note of any information regarding drying times etc. Epoxy resins are the best choice.

Start by painting the concrete round the edges using a brush and then from here use a roller to quicken the task. It is quite possible you may have to do the floor in sections allowing each its own undisturbed drying time. Two coats might even be needed - just remember to take it slow and be patient you will get there eventually. When completed the painted surface needs a finish to protect it from fading and wear, this usually takes the form of urethane.

This is a very general guide to painting concrete floors. Designs and patterns can be incorporated but these would need to be planned and the dimensions marked out. The more complex you go the more you should start to consider contracting a professional. More and more techniques will become available so it is important to keep current. - this will not only keep you "in style" but possibly save you time and money on installation.













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