Bruce Hardwood Flooring

What products are on offer at Bruce Hardwood?

Bruce Hardwood American Originals Grand Canyon
American Originals Grand Canyon

Bruce hardwood flooring, by brand, is probably one of the best and most recognized names in the industry. So what separates this company from the rest of the market you may ask?

For many it's the affordable elegance it can bring to a home, for some it's the rich warm and welcoming air it adds to a room, and for others it's the strength and reliability that is entombed in the very nature of the timber.

Bruce hardwood flooring has the ability to invent and re-invent conventional styles to cater for today's and tomorrow's fads, tastes and lifestyle changes. The natural beauty of wood is what makes this possible - the elegant textures, the variety of wood grains and the deep, rich hues, shades and colors.

Bruce Hardwood Birchall Plank
Birchall Plank

Bruce hardwood flooring has many core attributes. But one would have to say that its biggest and most valuable is its market experience; seeing as though it has been established for over a century. It has had all this time to master the skill of crafting wood into what today is seen as a fashion statement, while some companies are still just trying to re-create the qualities of natural wood.

Oak flooring is Bruce's specialty. This is the wood that first got the company off to gaining the sturdy reputation it has now. The range of oak offered (prefinished and unfinished) vastly outweighs the majority of the companies on the market. Other popular wood types offered include cherry, pine, pecan and maple. The company continues to add value to their products by attaching warranties and a number of finishes to all styles and collections.

Whether installation is nail, staple, glue down or floating, Bruce offers thorough installation instructions for all these fitting methods. All methods are usually complemented by a number of products such as glues / adhesives designed to make the job run as smoothly as possible. All products are designed to be DIY friendly, but for those who are unsure of how they will cope - also bearing in mind that solid timber is pricey - it is recommended that professional contractors are hired.

If you would like to contact the company they are can be found at:

Armstrong Hardwood Flooring Co.

Attn: Consumer Solution Center

P.O. Box 3001

Lancaster , PA 17604



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