Armstrong Vinyl Flooring - Reliable and Stylish

Armstrong Vinyl Flooring Collections and Popular Designs

Armstrong Vinyl Flooring
Armstrong vinyl flooring is reliable, stylish and good quality which is currently available in two basic types.

The greater part of the Armstrong vinyl flooring collection has a photographic picture printed onto them which is then sealed with a protective wear-layer. The other type offered is exclusive to Armstrong and is known as Inlaid Color, whereby tons of minute color particles are layered on top of each other through hand-made stencils to produce a deeper color.

The vinyl collection comes in a number of sized sheet and tile sizes. Sheets can be any length but are usually set to a standard width of six (1.83 meters) and twelve (3.66 meters) rolls. The tiles are (depending on the collection) available in a variety of sizes: 9 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch and 18 inch squares.

The Vinyl Flooring Collections

One of the most popular collections is the "Natural Inspirations" which is characterized by soft mixes of color, fine textures and an almost matt finish for a very natural look. Armstrong's Natural Inspirations collection currently boasts over 40 unique designs!

Some of the other popular designs include:

New London - made up of rustic, earthy looking diamond tiles.

Chadds Ford - a 9 inch paver design that is characterized by uniquely chiseled borders and a wider than normal grout.

Gracina - marble based design with a pearl texture that utilizes a geometric pattern.

Stonewall - as suggested by the name this vinyl floor takes on a stone-like appearance. Characterized by varying hues and a rustic grout.

This is just a taste of what is on offer. Potential customers can expect to have to wade through over 140 separate designs all of which have a unique and very individual look.

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Keeping you Armstrong Vinyl Floor Looking Healthy

Wear-layers that are offered are the standard vinyl no-wax and urethane types. The urethane wear-layers have a higher resilience to scuffing, scratches and stains and are easier to maintain and keep dirt free. The toughest vinyl floor layer offered by Armstrong is its CleanSweepT layer.

If durability is what you are after then Armstrong ToughGuardTM vinyl floors are guaranteed not to split or tear.

A number of complimentary vinyl flooring products are also available - all of which have been designed to make the job of maintaining your vinyl floor a lot more manageable. Some of these products include:

* CleanSweep®

* Once 'n Done®

With regards to the actual laying down of the floor. The majority of products are very DIY friendly - some only have to have baking layer peeled off and they are ready to be stuck down. Only very basic tools are needed for the job such as a ruler, tape measure and work knife. Armstrong does also sell an installation kit which comes with a guarantee - so that if you say get the measurements wrong you can take the kit back and get a another free! How's that for service!

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