Fireplace Tools - Ash Holders, Damper Hooks & More

Popular Styles in Fireplace Tools

Fireplace tools

Fireplace tools are a necessity in the management and maintenance of wood burning fireplaces but which tools are chosen to sit alongside the hearth is entirely down to personal preference.

Fireplace tools can come in sets of two, three, four and five different tools. Each tool has a separate function and can be used for both practical and decorative purposes. Modern tool sets come in a huge array of styles, designs and finishes so there will always be something to suit every fireplace.

The tools included in most basic fireplace tool sets are the shovel, brush or broom and poker. Other tools may include a pair of log tongs, a log rack, an ash holder and a damper hook. Log tongs are used for adding firewood and logs to a fire. The length of the handles means that there is no need to get too close to the fire or ash. Log racks come in a range of sizes and this means extra logs can be stored for easy access when needed.

Ash holders are particularly useful for frequently used wood burning fireplaces that produce a lot of ash. They are also an essential for coal or wood stoves. Ash holders are used for carrying away the excess ash and can make the job of cleaning a fireplace or stove much easier. Ash holders normally stand on legs to prevent hot ash from singeing the carpet or flooring.

Damper hooks make opening and closing the chimney damper a much easier task. It hooks easily into the metal loop of the damper to push it open or pull it shut. When the damper is open, hang the damper hook onto the mantel or tool stand. This will serve as a reminder that the damper is open and will need to be closed when the fire is no longer burning. When the damper is shut leave the hook in the metal loop as a reminder that the damper will need to be opened before lighting the fire.

An alternative to a fireplace tool stand would be the old Colonial jamb hook. These are hooks set into the side of a hearth and tools simply lean into it. The hook shape prevents them from falling over. Another alternative would be a wall mount; fireplace tools could then hang flat against the wall.

Popular styles in fireplace tools can be divided as follows:

Vintage Iron - Hand forged iron tools with a gray finish with a classic design such as twisted stand and Shepard's crook handles.

Antique or Traditional - These present themselves under a multitude of different titles such as craftsmen or pilgrim but are all essentially tools that have been made in the styles of the past or have been influenced by these old world designs. From antique reproductions to period or old world designs these fireplace tools help give any fireplace an authentic and romantic atmosphere. Many tool sets that fall under the title of traditional tend to be made in classic but modern designs that emulate the styles of the past. These are a popular choice as they have make timeless and elegant fireplace accessories.

Black Iron - These are similar to the vintage iron but with a black iron finish.

Raised Hearth - These tool sets are specially designed with shorter handles that makes them ideal for use in stoves and fireplaces with a hearth that has been raised up off the floor.

Copper finish - These tool sets tend to go very well with marble fireplaces and can range from simple to ornate in style.

Compact - These fireplace tool sets are ideal for smaller homes or fireplaces. They are like any other tool set and include all the same tools, the only difference being that they are smaller. These may be a little harder to come by than the average tool set but they would certainly be worth the extra effort.



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