Wood Stove Steamer - Add Moisture to Dry Air

What is a wood stove steamer?

Wood stove steamers

Wood stove steamers are a handy accessory that add moisture to room air through steam. Burning wood or gas can sometimes leave the air feeling very dry and so steamers would be of particular use in dry climates. These can come in the form of a kettle or a bowl-like pot and are normally made from cast iron.

They work by simply pouring water in and then leaving to heat up on the stove and slowly release steam. Wood stove steamers can make a lovely decorative feature for any stove and come in a huge variety of designs and styles.

Some cast iron kettles are coated in porcelain so they can be used for making tea. The porcelain coating makes them easier to clean and ensures they will not rust. Some are coated both inside and out while others are only coated on the inside to give it a more rustic look. Other wood stove steamers are mainly used to add humidity and to decorate the stove top. Many of these come with an ornate pattern over the top where the steam comes out and the most commonly used pattern is the lattice design. This pattern helps to increase air circulation and so enhances the efficiency with which the steamer can humidify the room. Other designs can include anything from a sleeping cat to a floral pattern.

A quaint accessory for use with the wood stove steamer is the trivet. These are cast iron platforms, usually coated in porcelain, that are placed on the stove to protect it from rust stains and to prevent the steamers from getting to hot.

















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