Electric Fireplaces - Advantages, features and models

Features and models

Electric fireplaces

Modern electrics fireplaces are every bit as realistic as gas fireplaces and can now produce enough heat to keep the whole room warm. The greatest advantage to these is that they do not require a chimney or flue for ventilation because they do not produce any smoke or pollutants like a gas or wood burning fireplace would.

They come in range of sizes from the smaller units, which can simply be plugged into a 100 volt electric outlet, to the larger models that need to be wired into a 240 volt connection. This makes electric fireplaces much easier and cheaper to install.

Some models are designed purely for aesthetic purposes but there are many available that come with an electric heater that can provide up to 10,000 Btu's heating capacity. They usually also include a blower to circulate the heat and because there is no vent for the heat to escape into, these heaters are 100 percent efficient. They come at affordable prices and are cheap to operate, costing only pennies per day. These fireplaces do not require any maintenance and are perfect for those who have small children or pets because neither the flames nor the exterior gets hot.

Portable electric fireplaces are ideal for small homes and apartments that do not have a chimney and where installing a flue may be impractical. These portable designs are also ideal for bedrooms and mobile homes. Most modern models have a thermostat that enables the user to control the amount of heat produced. Many of the fireplaces features can be controlled with a remote which is great for use in the bedroom as it means there is no need to get out of bed when the temperature or flames need adjusting.

All electric fireplaces are tested to meet UL standards and have a safety mechanism to ensure the unit does not overheat. Another favorite feature is the random flame option which is designed to mimic real flames to enhance the illusion. It is no wonder why electric fireplaces are increasing in popularity. They are safe, clean, efficient, cheap and easy to use, not to mention they can even be taken with when moving to a new house!












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