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Fireplace decorating

Decorating a fireplace can make a huge difference to both the fireplace and the room. There are an infinite number of ways to completely transform the fireplace from simple, inexpensive ornaments on the mantel to large and expensive adornments such as paintings or other art work.

The trick is to stick with the colors, themes and styles of the room. For example, in a formal room a well balanced and symmetrical display will tend to work best. There are a multitude of different fireplace accessories that can turn a drab fireplace into something special.

Andirons are a wonderful accessory that can give any fireplace an authentic look, from rustic wrought iron to elegant brass. Other accessories that can add such personality to any fireplace include fireplace bellows , fireplace fenders , firebacks , tools, screens and fireplace candelabras. The latter is basically a large candlestick designed specifically for use in or on the fireplace hearth. They have become a particularly popular feature in many fireplaces because they add an atmospheric warmth and romance that can be enjoyed throughout the year, no matter what the season.

Candles are another popular accessory used to decorate fireplaces. Candles can sit in, on or in front of a fireplace. Using candles to decorate the fireplace to co-ordinate with the seasons can be very effective, particularly during Christmas and Halloween. Special scented candles can be use for added effect. Arranging candles in holders on the mantel is also an excellent way to create a soft and warm ambience in the room. There are a couple of things to remember when using clusters of candles or any other ornament. The most common mistake is spreading a collection or a set of candles out over the entire length of the mantel. The best way to display any set is to keep them together. Placing a group of candles on one side of the mantel or having a group on either side usually works beautifully.

One thing that must be said about candles, however, is that safety precautions should always be followed. Never light the candles unless they are continually monitored, keep small animals and young children well away from them and never light candle near to flammable materials. A common mistake is lighting candles along the mantel just underneath a painting that has been hung above it.

Flower displays are a wonderful idea for the spring and summer months when the fireplace is likely to lay dormant. Real flowers or silk flowers can be used and again, there is a multitude of different way to arrange and display them. Placing them in or in front of the hearth can hide the unsightly soot stains and brighten the whole room. Other plants can also be used during other seasons, such as pinecones for the festive month or tall twigs for the autumn period.

There a few simple rules to stick to when decorating a fireplace mantel. The first thing to remember is that not every inch of space needs to be used, leave some spaces between groups of candles and other decorations otherwise the mantel shelf will become too cluttered. Keeping a collection of items, such as candles, in odd numbers is far more pleasing to the eye than keeping displaying them in even numbers. Use bold accessories, small ornaments tend either disappear on a large mantel or make smaller mantels seem disorderly.

For the more daring decorators, using a number of different textures can create a rich and varied look. Combining strong and sharp textures with softer and more natural colors and items can, if done right, create a beautiful focal point in any room. Another way to create a spectacular and eye catching display is to combine two different styles. For example, decorating a contemporary fireplace with antique accessories can produce a striking presentation.




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