Fireplace Codes - Residential and Building codes

Fireplaces and local building codes

Fireplace codes - Building and residential

Before purchasing any fireplace check the local building codes. This is to ensure that the unit, and any changes made to it, complies with local regulations. There are a number of ways to go about finding local building codes:

Some cities and counties may have their local building codes posted on their websites. To find these websites try the few links to other useful websites: - Municipal Code Corporation publishes information on Codes of Ordinances for all fifty states and major cities. - This is the official site for the LexisNexis Group, a legal research and publishing company providing information both online and print. They provide legal and regulatory information for educational, government, corporate and legal markets. - First Source is a comprehensive site providing professionally written information on building codes for all fifty states plus manufacturer information and regional distributors. The First Source library contains up to date information obtained directly from the city, county and state building departments. - International Codes Council website contains an online store where information on codes can be purchased.

The Building Codes Discussions Group is an online forum and is a very useful source of information on building codes and related topics.

An alternative to this would be to check with the local building department and ask about adopted codes, local ordinances and construction requirements. Many of these departments have hand-outs and brochures about local codes. Some libraries and colleges also keep a copy of the adopted code. Check the phone book for local companies that may be able to help. The International Residential Code can also be a useful source of information and can be easily obtained on the internet from websites such as Amazon.











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