Kitchen Faucets - What are my options?

Important factors to consider

Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen faucets are the essential piece of equipment to keep your kitchen flowing. While it seems to be such a small part of the room, you will find that you can’t run a modern kitchen without running water – hence the vital need for faucets.

Commercial faucets come in all shapes and sizes and can help round out the complete look of your kitchen. The options are endless when it comes to choosing the right style for your house, with everything from antique inspired pieces through to modern and funky fittings all available on the market.

There are some important factors to consider when buying wall mount faucets, including style, materials, function and budget.

The first thing to think about is which style you would like the fittings to be in, this will then dictate the shape you are after – high reaching spouts? Ones with (or without) bridging? etc

Secondly, the materials used to make the product should be considered. Various types of metals are used including bronze, copper, stainless steel; chrome (to name a few). Chrome and brass are noted as being the best quality and most durable materials for kitchen wall mounts.

Also remember to take into consideration the functionality of a product, such as whether you want a single, double, triple-handled or filter faucet; or one that has either washers or is washer-less (washer-less is the most popular option as they tend to last longer and won’t leak). If you use your kitchen regularly for entertaining guests with dinner parties, features such as pot-fillers and pullout sprays may aide in making the food preparation process easier. Handles can be anything from levers to cross handles – (tip: levers can be great for people who suffer arthritis as they are easier to use).

While it may seem an insignificant feature of your kitchen, it is still imperative to remember that you will pay for quality – and the old saying ‘the more you spend, the better the product’ rings true here. Remember that if you spend just a wee bit more on good quality kitchen sink faucets, it will be one that will last several decades.

Another tip when buying is to check how easy it is to either get parts or to repair the item.



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