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Franke Faucets - Commercial Kitchen Faucets

Franke faucets are just one small division of the massive Swiss company Franke Holding AG. What started as a sheet metal company, founded by Hermann Franke in 1911, has grown to become a multi-faceted organization producing everything from washroom and sanitary products through to automotive equipment. The bathroom and kitchen division of the company specializes in the manufacture of sinks but they do offer a range of complementary faucets and accessories.

Most of the bathroom faucets are designed for commercial use with features such as electronic self-closing and mechanical self-closing features for use in public places.

The kitchen range of Franke faucets is also designed for commercial and industrial use in professional kitchens. These faucets are designed to stand up to the heavy-duty use they will receive in such an environment.

Franke faucets are offered in pull-out, cast spout, filtration, instant hot and pot filler designs to suite every commercial or residential kitchen's needs but if designer style is what you're after then these may not be for you. Franke faucets do come in a range of simple but elegant designs; however, unique style is not their top priority. Instead they focus on functionality, durability and practicality.

Product Range and Description

Pull out kitchen sink faucets

Franke pull out faucets are offered with or without a spray function. Stream only faucets produce a steady stream of water compared to those with a spray function - which give the option of using the pull out head to spray down vegetables or dirty dishes. Pull out faucets are ideal for the busy kitchens that rely on speedy washing up and quick preparation of vegetables.

Cast spout kitchen sink faucets

Cast spout faucets have a gooseneck design that provides ample space under the water stream for large baking trays and pots making washing up that much easier. While these faucets don't come with the pull out head they are available with an optional side spray faucet ideal for residential use.

Filtration faucets

Franke offers filtration faucets that also come with an optional side sprayer. One model even has a pullout head to provide filtered water for washing veggies. The other filtration faucets available come with gooseneck spouts and because the waterway is connected to the filtration system, side sprays will also provide filtered water.

Instant hot faucets

As the name suggests, instant hot faucets provide hot water at the touch of a handle. These Franke faucets can provide up to 60 cups of 190 degree water per hour. Instant hot faucets are perfect for instant hot beverages, mixing and thawing making them ideal for commercial kitchens as well as residential use. They are also available in hot and cold functions plus a filtration system can be included if the water will be used for drinking or cooking.

Pot fillers

Pot filler faucets are used for doing just that, filling large pots with water for cooking. Pot fillers are positioned over the cooker to eliminate the danger of carrying heavy pots from the sink and can installed anywhere above the range to suit your preferences. The arm extends outwards to reach burners at the front of the range and can be neatly folded back against the wall to keep it out of the way.

Bathroom Faucets

Franke don't have a particularly large range of bathroom faucets but those they do offer are of high quality. The Triflow series is designed for the bathroom and comes with a filtration system for filtered drinking water. It offers many of the same features as those seen in Franke kitchen faucets. The Signo series is a good choice for commercial bathroom faucets because it comes with a water and energy saving Ecowave cartridge. A wide variety of kitchen accessories are available to complement the range of kitchen sinks and faucets with everything from cutting boards to decor panels.

Contact Franke:

For bathroom faucets: Visit their website or contact them directly by calling +43 5574 67350.

For kitchen faucets: Visit their website or call them on +41 6278 73131.





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