Faucets - An essential item for the home

An introduction to types, costs, and brands

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Water faucets are one of the most essential items of a modern home – an item you cannot possibly live without. And with home improvement growing in popularity in the United States, (Americans spent a hefty $132.8m on home improvements and repairs to their properties in 2003 (www.census.gov), faucets are often the first place they start.

While many people see them as an insignificant part of a room, faucets actually set the tone of a room. They can provide a base for choosing and building the rest of a room’s décor around.

Choosing a water faucet is like choosing a pair of shoes – the options are endless, and the prices vary greatly. But, like a pair of shoes, the final decision all comes down to personal tastes, needs and budget.

Wherever there is a wet area in a home, there are faucets going to be needed to distribute the water from the kitchen through to the bathroom and laundry. Coming in all manner of shapes and sizes, every different type is designed for a specific function - for example a pullout spray faucet is made for kitchen use, whereas a roman tub faucet is designed for a bathtub.

Danze Parma Faucet
Danze Parma Faucet

Buying a reputable brand is essential. There are a number of top brands available on the plumbing market today, and the benefits associated with buying these brands include well designed and constructed products; ease of repair and maintenance; and replacement parts.

Water Faucet Manufacturers and Brands

According to a quality rating survey of builders conducted by Hanley-Wood, LLC for the publication Builder, American builders rate Hansgrohe as the best quality brand of faucets. This was closely followed by Kohler, Grohe and KWC brands.

There is a clear difference between products designed by American and European companies. American designers (such as Delta, American Standard and Moen) tend to produce pieces that are created to suit ‘the masses’ and more conservative tastes, whereas European designers (such as Grohe, KWC and Franke) produce more creative pieces with an artistic flair to them.

As there are so many water facets to the faucet industry, prices for each product vary greatly. It’s one of the industries where your budget is the limit – if you can only afford the basic set up without the frills, there are products available that will fit a tight budget, whereas homeowners looking for expensive and luxurious fittings to complete a certain look to their home are well catered for.

On this website you will find advice and information attaining to buying and selecting faucets for your home, from the types of brands available on the market as well as tips on buying products.


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