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Window curtains

Glass window panes allow the light into our houses and give us a view of the outside world. However glass does not keep the heat in and also allows passersby to look in depriving us of our privacy. Window curtains have the practical function of keeping the light out and the warmth in.

The most common form of window curtains are two panels which hang either side of the window frame when open and can be pulled shut to cover the whole window. Single panels cover the whole window and can be held to one side with tiebacks. The panels can be gathered or pleated at the top so they fall in folds.

Windows which have radiators under the sills should have drapes which come to just below the sill to allow the heat to circulate round the room. Floor-length window curtains look very smart but absorb the heat from radiators. Drapes with large patterns, such as toile, need to be used for large windows to avoid breaking up the interwoven pattern.

Sheer curtains allow the light in and can therefore be left covering the window as a permanent fixture. Heavier materials such as velvet are a snug choice for the bedroom as they don’t let the warmth flow out and they achieve a nearly complete ‘Blackout” state – great for light sleep.

Lighter fabrics work better in bathrooms as they are less prone to retaining moisture and going moldy. Cotton drapes work well in bathrooms, kitchens or in kids' rooms as no fuss needs to be made when it comes to washing – simply bung them in the machine on a regular wash.

Bay windows consist of three window panes with the two side panes angled to form the bay. Bay window curtains are usually attached using track which has been bent to fit the window. Sounds too complicated? Why not try and get blinds installed - one per pane.

Arched windows can also present a little difficulty. They can be fitted with clear rods shaped to fit the window which can then be used to hang a lace curtain or other decorative window treatment. For particularly awkward windows, it may be worth considering having custom curtains made.

Ready-made curtains are available in different styles and fabrics and provide an affordable and practical solution to most window dressing problems (if anything else that at least provide you with some stall time till you decide on what you really want.)





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