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Toile curtains

Toile curtains are a popular choice for a peaceful, rustic look in your home. Toile refers to the pattern used on the material and toile was first produced in the French town of Jouy in the 18th century. Therefore toile can also be referred to as toile de jouy. Plants, animals, flowers and country scenes such as deer drinking out of rivers were printed on cotton fabric.

Originally the designs would use just one color on a plain background but later on multicolored designs started appearing. French toile curtains usually have a colored pattern in colors such as red, blue or green on a white or cream background but there are some unusual variations available such as a red pattern on a gold background.

Toile curtains are produced in different fabrics these days including plastic – yes you can even get toile shower curtains!

French toile curtains add peace and charm to a bedroom or kitchen. The style of pattern is not intrusive and goes with most types rustic / country themed decor. Remember when using patterned fabric that a large pattern on a small window won't be seen properly – it will appear broken up and “bitsy”. This type of pattern consists of scenes that need to be seen as a whole to make sense and would therefore suit a large space such as floor-length curtains for French windows.

Another consideration is whether you would like the drapes lined or not. Sheer curtains allow the light through which shows the pattern up but lined toile curtains allow the design to be seen more clearly. The other advantage of lined curtains is that the lining prevents the pattern from fading in the sun.









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