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Using Toile in the bathroom

Toile shower curtains

Bring the countryside into your bathroom with a toile shower curtain. This pattern depicts pleasant country scenes that originated in France in the eighteenth century BC in Jouy.

Toile shower curtains are usually white or cream with the images printed in a darker color such as red or blue. French toile works quite well on a shower curtain as it is a large pattern which needs to be displayed on a large area. To small an area and the pattern will start to break up.

Toile is defiantly not for the faint of heart – and many experts believe you can’t use it in small amounts – it’s the whole room or nothing. This may be true for larger rooms, which are full of other interest pieces – but because bathrooms are usually smaller than other rooms using toile designs will smother any sense of space.

If you are going to persist with the shower curtain then try and at least make it match your bathroom’s dominant color scheme. If for example the toile curtain is white and red, you can use red accessories such as bath towels and small colored bottles of scented oil throughout the bathroom to pick out the pattern.










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