Silk Curtains - Exotic, Delicate Drapes

Silk curtains are the perfect choice for those looking for light, elegant drapes with a touch of luxury. Silk was first produced in China around 3000 BC and was available in Europe from the 6 th century AD. Silk was considered a valuable commodity in ancient cultures and was much sought after. Silk is a light, delicate fabric which can be dyed to produce different colors. It has smooth finish with a soft sheen and feels gentle and cool to the touch. Sheer curtains made of silk allow light in through windows but prevent people looking in when they are drawn.

Silk curtains can be richly-colored like saris for an exotic Oriental look or they can have light, pale colors which give a room a light and airy feel and emphasize the fabric's fragility and grace. Whatever look you go for, consider the other colors and materials used in the room to achieve an overall theme. Silk drapes are mainly used as window curtains but can be used as light door covering. Silk is a delicate fabric and should therefore be hand-washed in cold water with a mild detergent or dry-cleaned. Silk curtains should not be soaked or wrung harshly.

As well as plain colors, silk can also be used for patterned materials. Damask is a fabric woven to produce a raised pattern on a flat background which is traditionally made of silk. Taffeta is a woven fabric which used to be made from silk but is now available in man-made fibers. Different colors are used for the warp and the weft to give an ever-changing surface as the material moves. The name is derived from Persian and means 'twisted woven'. Embroidered silk curtains are lovely but you have to be careful when embroidering silk as it can tear easily. Raw silk is coarser than refined silk with an uneven, textured look. Thai silk is cheaper than Chinese silk and is not as fine.
















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